How to Set Google Calendar to Send You SMS Reminders

Life is so hectic today; there are tons of things to track.  Calendars and reminders are a necessity as a result.  One of the best tools for tracking appointments, key dates, and tasks is Google Calendar.  It's free, easy to use, and allows for collaboration via sharing of calendars.

A nice feature of Google Calendar is its ability to send reminders in different formats, such as email, pop ups, or SMS texts.  The first two options are available by default.  However, to receive SMS alerts, you must engage in a little set up.

To enable SMS alerts in Google Calendar go to Settings and then the Mobile Setup tab.  Next, enter the requested information the calendar for which you want to enable SMS.  Then click on the Send Verification button.  After you get your verification code on your cell phone, enter it and click the Save button.

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