How to Group By Quarter in Excel Pivot Tables

Usually when I group in an Excel pivot table I have to do it by months.

But one day I found I had to group by quarter.  Normal quarters are a piece of cake to group by in an Excel pivot.  Custom quarters are not quite so intuitive, but still are are easy.

Grouping by Default Quarters
Right click on the column in your pivot that you want to group on and select the "Group" option.

Then you'll simply select the "Quarters" option while making sure no other option also is selected.

How to Group by Custom Quarters
But what if your quarters don't fall on the January, April, July, October start dates but, say, are shifted up one month?  Then you'll have to avoid the "Quarters" option, which seems odd, and use the days option.  Select your start and end dates in the group dialog and then select "Days" and put in the number of days that bound your quarter (for example, 89, 90, or 91 -- something like that).

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