How to Bold a Cell in Excel Based on Another Cell's Contents

Ever want to bold a cell in Excel based on the contents of another cell?  Here's how...

Say you need cells in column P to be bolded if column A contains the word "total."  To do this you'd:
  1. First, select the cells that you want to which you want to apply conditional formatting.
  2. Then click Conditional Formatting from the top ribbon.
  3. Next select New Rule.
  4. Then click "Use a formula to determine which cells to format."
  5. Enter this formula in "Format values where this formula is true": =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("total",A1))=TRUE 
  6. Select your format; in this example, you'd use bold.
After this all the cells that have the word "total" in them cells against them will be bolded.

If you want to learn more about conditional formatting in Excel based on values in other cells, check out this excellent in-depth article at AbleBits.  If you want to add to that knowledge on how to format a cell conditionally based on its own text, check out this Microsoft Office article.

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