How to Solve Headphones Jack Moves, Music Pauses Problem

Does your media player pause when you move your headphones even slightly?

If so, the problem is likely due to lint and dust that has built up in the headphone jack.  You need to clean out the debris. The easiest way is to use some scotch tape.  Simply roll up a little bit of scotch tape into a long, pointy cylindrical shape and stick into the jack and move it around.  Then remove and note the amount of dust and lint removed.  Do this a couple of times with fresh tape each time.  Once the tape comes out clean, you've likely solved the problem.  To verify that you have, plug in your headphones, move them around, and see if the player no longer pauses as a result of the slightest movement of the phones. 

If you want to prevent this from happening again, try buying some headphone jack covers from Amazon.

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