Find UI Design Opportunities In Hot Industries recently ran an article saying that the next blue collar job is coding. While many traditional blue collar jobs are disappearing, the demand for coders is booming.  As a result, more and more people are enrolling in coding academies. However, more coders means more competition for jobs.  With the competition for coding jobs growing fiercer, candidates seeking to stand out from their pees either need to enhance their skills and look for industries that are showing brisk growth.  One such promising niche is the online casino industry, which Statista says has rapidly grown to  $641 trillion in annual transactions  globally.

The explosive growth of online casinos is attributable not only to the many people who enjoy playing online gambling games but also to advancement in the delivery medium.  In the past, when users wanted to play gambling games on their computers, they had to download software.  Having to download and install the software to play created a couple issues.  First, installation required storage space.  Second, not all platforms had compatibility with games.  Fortunately, this all changed when online casinos were developed in platforms such as flash that eliminated the need to download and install software. Furthermore, platform compatibility was no longer an issue because users simply played the game through their web browser. This has allowed for swift growth in the number of users playing online gambling games.

Given the large expansion in online casino game play, it makes sense for coders to look at the industry.  There is not only a lot of opportunity because of growth but also because once the game developers eliminated the need to download and install software to play, they went to work on improving the playing experience itself.  Everyone is seeking to make the best game site and develop stunning user interfaces (UIs) such as the one at, the best game site out there.
How can someone who is interested in designing user interfaces for online casino games break into the field? First, get trained in areas such as programming and math.  There are many training programs online; a web search should turn up many opportunities.  While in school, begin networking , especially with those in the casino gaming industry.  Also while in school, become familiar with the most popular development platforms and the most in-demand skills for the field.  Consider too building a portfolio on sites such as to show prospective employers.  This article will explain all the things you can do to start your way on the road to becoming an online casino game designer. Once you are ready, check out job boards such as for casino game designer job openings.  

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