How to Change Notepad's Header and Footer Content

You can give Notepad a header and/or footer when printed. This can be done through Page Setup from the File menu. The default settings are:

  • Header: &f (document's file name)
  • Footer: Page &p (the word "Page" and the page number)
There are other codes you can use in either the Header and Footer fields:
  • Left-align the characters that follow: &l
  • Right-align the characters that follow: &r 
  • Center the characters that follow: &c
  • To print the current date: &d
  • To print the current time: &t
  • To print an ampersand (&): &&
If the formatting code is not the first item in the Header field, Notepad will automatically center the header. For example, to align a title to the left side of the page, type &lTitle Text (replacing Title Text with the actual title that you want to print as the header) first in the Header field. You can incorporate text, with or without a code, into the Header and Footer fields, and it will print in its appropriate position.

You can use more than one combination of codes in the Header and Footer fields (such as the date and time). Leave a space or two between each combination to make the header or footer easier to read. If you leave the Header and Footer fields empty, no header or footer will print.

Like some other Notepad settings, header and footer information is only available for that Notepad session and isn't maintained when you save the document or close Notepad.

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