How to Automatically Back Up Throwback Thursday and Other Spotify Playlists

Spotify updates some of its playlists such as Throwback Thursday, Discover Weekly, and Your Release Radar weekly.  If you like but don't save them, you'll lose the playlist's contents because they are overwritten each week with new music.  However, there is a way to save the playlists automatically.   Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for the free service IFTTT.  The abbreviation stands for if this, then that -- coding parlance.  You can create applets that run when indicated (at times, when an action happens, etc.) for various services such as Fitbit, Spotify, etc.  For the applet to work, you have to give it permission from within the target app to run. Consult your app's help for the procedure to allow IFTTT to access your account.
  2. To back up Spotify's Throwback Thursday playlist every week automatically, you'll go to the create new applet option in the dropdown by your user name in IFTTT. Then you'll select the following: If new track added to Throwback Thursday (by Spotify) playlist, then add track to a playlist. You use dropdowns to select the playlist to back up and type the name of the playlist to which you're backing it up.
  3. The above step 2 will archive all previous playlists (e.g., all the previous weekly Release Radar playlists) to a single playlist.  The songs will be appended to the end of the playlist, so it will grow larger each week. If you prefer to separate each weekly playlist, add the "AddedAt" ingredient to the name of the backup playlist you indicated in step 2.  To add an ingredient, click the Add Ingredient button just under the textbox where you typed the name of the backup playlist.

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