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Advertising Policy
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Comments Policy
Comments are welcomed and encouraged.  However, comments are moderated and BTE reserves the right to remove any content that is deemed unsuitable. This includes but is not limited to objectionable and abusive comments, hate or racist speech, and foul language.  Any such comments will be removed and the poster banned.

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The author assumes no responsibility over comments he did not make on this blog.

Copyright Policy
BTE does its utmost to make sure that the multimedia content and the subject matter posted in this blog does not infringe copyrights. BTE's policy is to link to material or cite it.  If you find anything that could be considered a violation of the copyright norms, please contact me.

BTE content is copyrighted.   However, you are encouraged to reference and link to posts here or referenced on here. You may not copy and paste content from BTE verbatim into your website, blog or newsletters. You can, however, quote, cite, and attribute freely.

Email Policy
Your email address will not be shared. This applies to all email addresses entered through comments, email subscriptions, or emails sent to Better Tech Examples. I may communicate with you via email to answer or seek clarification of a question you have asked.

Privacy Policy
BTE recognizes that the privacy of your personal information is important. BTE never sells your personal information to third parties.

BTE does not explicitly or implicitly warranty any content on this site.  Technology changes and steps provided here that worked at the time of writing may not work as time passes.  Always back up any data before attempting any processes described in BTE or before trying out any software mentioned in this blog.